Staff Development Centre of the University of Colombo

About Us

The Staff Development Centre  (SDC) was established, a training programme was set up to develop teaching skills in lecturers for facilitating learning and skills development in university undergraduates. This course, the Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (CTHE), has been refined over the years with over 1500 lecturers having been trained from all universities across Sri Lanka. As practices for such a course was unknown in Sri Lanka, the SDC had it benchmarked internationally, accrediting it with the Staff and Educational Association of UK (SEDA), as well as having an experienced educational developer, a Professor of Higher Education from UK, functioning as its External Examiner. The SDC is actively involved in developing staff at the University of Colombo Training and Development is available to all staff, which is provided by a partnership of expert trainers. The SDC is providing personal, professional and career development advice and support for all staff, sharing and developing good practice and helping in the development of appropriate support systems.


The Mission of the Staff Development Centre (SDC) is “to enhance the quality of academic work undertaken by staff and students within the system of higher education in Sri Lanka, in general, and within the University of Colombo, in particular. In order to achieve this objective, the SDC would try to make university teaching/learning more effective, more relevant, student-oriented and of the internationally high standard. It will try to develop skills and competencies necessary for more effective and efficient performance among all members of the staff of the University. It will also do whatever it can for career development of the staff” (University of Colombo Council Minutes 252/34 p.75). To achieve these, the Staff Development Centre was launched in 1997 as the first SDC in Sri Lanka, due to a need to commence and establish planned staff development in Sri Lankan universities.

Available courses

The Staff Development Centre (SDC) is pleased to announce the commencement of the Making Teaching Effective (MaTE). This course will be conducted from October 2020 to January 2021. The course embodies best practices in teaching and learning currently practiced worldwide and is intended for temporary /contract academic staff of Sri Lankan universities. No prior experience is required to follow the course.During the course, nine half dayworkshops will be conducted at the University of Colombo or via a virtual platform and participants are requiredto design and implement new teaching and learning-related activities based on ChangeAgreements, undertake reflective self-development activities, and undertake somereading. Assessment of the course is based on a report and a presentation as well as an attendance requirement.

The Staff Development Centre (SDC) is pleased to announce the commencement of its twenty-fourth Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (CTHE) course. This internationally accredited CTHE course will be conducted from March to December 2021. The course embodies best practices in teaching and learning currently practiced worldwide and is intended for newly recruited permanent academic staff of Sri Lankan universities. This CTHE course is recognised by the UGC as an induction programme satisfying the mandatory requirements to be fulfilled by probationary academics. During the past, many senior academics have also followed the course because of its benefits to them personally, and to the university system. The course has received an excellent feedback rating from participants as well as from overseas expert reviewers. The course is the only such internationally benchmarked course in Sri Lanka and its accreditation aligns with values and outcomes of the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) of UK. SEDA, at each review of the course by its international accreditors from UK, as part of the procedure for reviewing / renewing its accreditation, has commented very highly on the standards and attainments of the course

The SDC is pleased to welcome you to this Making Teaching Effective course (acronym: MaTE). Courses of the Staff Development Centre (SDC), University of Colombo are designed to sustain you throughout your career, so even though you are at a temporary level, it is hoped that this course will empower you and put you on a path of lifelong learning.

Over the next few months, you will be;

  • Attending ‘workshop’ sessions

  • Studying independently, and in pairs or groups, to complete course assignments

  • Making use of this handbook and textbooks

The course is designed along similar lecturer development courses worldwide. You will find this one, tailored to the requirements of the universities in Sri Lanka, a stimulating and enjoyable experience. You will have plenty of opportunities to share your ideas, your successes and to learn from your disappointments, discovering new ways to turn disappointments into learning opportunities.